Operating under the name Aerocape, we are also approved Specialist Installers of Think Pink Aerolite in South Africa. Our professional and dedicated team have been servicing Cape Town homes with the installation of Think Pink Aerolite for the past 22 years.

Think Pink Aerolite is a non-combustible, glasswool ceiling insulation that reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment in your home. Aerolite reduces the temperature inside your home during those hot summer months, and keeps a warmer temperature in your home during the colder winter months. This results in a more consistent temperature in your home all year round. And a happier you!



A home can gain or lose up to 35% of its energy through the ceiling. That means that in winter your indoor heat escapes through the roof, resulting in a colder home. In summer, when the sun is beating down on your roof, your home could become uncomfortably hot. Think Pink Aerolite acts as a barrier to this energy either escaping or penetrating your home. What a wonderful solution we have for you! Installing Think Pink Aerolite in your ceiling will result in a more consistent temperature in your home all year round.


Think Pink Aerolite is also great for the acoustics of your home, absorbing sound from both the outside and the inside of the house. This results in a more peaceful home.


All insulation materials have an R-value to determine their effectiveness. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation. 135mm Think Pink Aerolite is recommended for the Cape region. It has an R-value of 3.38.


Think Pink Aerolite will save you money in the long run with not needing to heat up or cool down your home as much as before.

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